Building A Better Global Citizen

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Welcome to Building a Better Global Citizen. The Covid Pandemic helped me realize a hole in my life - Which I decided to see as an opportunity for growth. In my lifetime, there has never been more conflict and turmoil. America is full of divisiveness and conflict. It seems like we can’t agree on anything. I’ve always had a strong faith, but struggle with my faith inside the organized Church.

The best way for me to think through these complicated issues is to write - and to listen to others. I plan on writing about society and the faith, and I’m sure some politics will be part of it. However, instead of offering my opinions and thoughts, I’m going to share my struggles. I’m not looking to provide any answers or share any truths. I want to share my questions and let you know what I am thinking about them, but I also want to hear from you. Do you have the same questions or struggles? How do you think about these issues? What brings you comfort during these difficult times?

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